iPod Meets Grumpy Old iMac

This tickled me today…

Whatever I work on, I can’t help but go to the nth degree to make sure it’s right for the recipient — even if it’s an eBay listing!

40GB iPod Photo

I’ve been enjoying a bit of life laundry recently through eBay, the perfect method for recycling instead of disposing.

All those years ago, I was so excited to receive my very first iPod (above) for Christmas one year but the time was right for it to find a new home.

As you might imagine, I keep the boxes and original documents for most things — the makings of a good future eBay listing.

The lucky buyer of my iPod was very pleased, so much so that she took the time to write this glowing feedback, which I thought I would share with you (and with the buyer’s permission, of course):

“Just wanted to say many, many thanks for the iPod! Loved the listing, the perfect packaging, the “open other side” on the box — in fact, by the time I had sliced through all the sellotape with my scalpel it actually didn’t matter what was in the box!

“I knew the iPod and accessories would have every little piece of protective packaging in place and I wasn’t disappointed. The iPod is the perfect companion for my grumpy old iMac, they bonded immediately via Firewire and plan to live happily ever after. It is the 40th birthday present that I wanted but… yes, I am that old.

“eBay Feedback couldn’t possibly reflect all of this and maybe that’s a good thing, not everyone sees the world as we do.” — a happy eBayer

That kind of recognition for my efforts just makes my day, especially in the knowledge that a much-loved item has gone to a happy home…

Apple Meets Analogue

Yesterday, I drove the sixty miles or so north to meet up with my friend and client, Paul Kenny — he needed a hand (moving from the dark side) to install his first Apple computer.

Living in the wilds of Northumberland, Paul’s worked for many years as a photographer, now comfortably bridging his analogue craft with that of the modern digital era.

We often while away a pleasant few hours together here and there — this post is simply a collection of photographs of scenes I’ve observed at Paul’s home.

I hope you enjoy them…

Paul Kenny's Studio

Paul with some work in progress…

Paul Kenny's Noticeboard

Studio notices and a pair of vintage Volvo hubcaps…

Printmakers' Letterpress Tray at Paul Kenny's Home

Printers’ letterpress tray with knickknacks…

Paul Kenny's scanner

Lift the hood on Paul Kenny’s scanner and you’re sure to find interesting things…

Paul Kenny's Studio

Discarded hand-made negatives and a Heineken barrel…

The Cheviot Hills

On the way to lunch — the Cheviot Hills, a pylon and a tree…

Paul Kenny's new iMac

Apple meets Analogue…

Paul Kenny's Studio

Now comfortably installed…

Moss the Lurcher


Cloudscape between Lowick and Fenwick, Northumberland

On my way home — a cloudscape between Lowick and Fenwick, Northumberland

Paul will need no introduction to regular visitors of Jack Lowe Studio.

If you’d like to learn more about his incredible cameraless photography, do pay a visit where you’ll find material aplenty.