Portraits 1997~2005

Kath (2004), Photography by Jack Lowe

Kath, 2004

I always think of myself as a landscape photographer.

Why I think that, I don’t know; I photograph all sorts of subjects all of the time.

Like many of you, I guess, I often make portraits — usually of my nearest and dearest.

I love making them but, moreover, I love that I only ever make them for pleasure with no commercial angle involved.

Photography is intrinsic to my makeup and it feels wholesome somehow to keep a part of it set to ‘hobby status’.

You can see more of my favourite portraits in this Behance Collection

Ethel and Peter (2001), Photography by Jack Lowe

Ethel and Peter, 2001

2 thoughts on “Portraits 1997~2005

  1. The first image of mother and child is quite stunning, there is a sense of hardship in the setting of the image yet the clean coffee mug, and stylish shoes hint otherwise. Leaves a bit of a mystery to the view I like that. I looked at your other portraits in the link you provided and I rather like the one of the boy in the Superman shirt.


    • Hi Jeff,

      Thank you for leaving another thoughtful, well-observed comment. I’m glad you like the image of Kath (my wife). You are on the money with your assessment of the scene…!

      Thanks for taking the time to look at the other portraits at Behance too.

      I’ve enjoyed discovering your blog and photography in the process — I’ll looking forward to reading more…



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