The Jazz Café, Newcastle’s Parisian Corner

Following on from my post last week, you are now among the first to be able to view Duncan Davis’ tribute to his old mate of 35 years, Keith Crombie.

Last Monday, Newcastle came to a standstill as Keith’s friends joined him on his last journey from Pink Lane, through the city centre — a tiny bit of which he transformed into his own corner of Paris, the Jazz Café.

Perched 130ft atop Grey’s Monument in the icy weather, I was honoured to be able to help Duncan film the extraordinary funeral procession.

So, it’s Sunday morning…time to pour your favourite hot beverage, take your seat at the Jazz Café and settle down to enjoy Duncan’s tribute to a Newcastle legend.

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      1. Yeah Jack I was brought up in the West End and went to the same school as Keith Crombie.
        I used to see him regularly in the Club A’gogo in Newcastle a long time ago. He always seemed to be around the city whether giving out his flyers for the Jazz Cafe or snooping round the charity shops in Gosforth. A passing era….sigh.

  1. Thank you Jack for posting this,was sent the link by my friend Lee-thanks bud.

    Keith certainly was a Newcastle character and a legend and will be sorely missed by many.

    Hope they can still make use of the place-as a Jazz venue and would be a fitting tribute.